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Manuals for 10"-22" TV

Manuals for 24"-32" TV

Manuals for 37"-65" TV

Software Updates


  • connect the USB drive to your PC
  • click on the chosen file (check your TV model first)
  • save the file to your USB drive
  • unmount your USB stick
  • connect the USB stick to your TV
  • menu
  • Settings
  • Satellite Settings
  • SatcoDx
  • Download SatcoDx


Walker Smart Remote Keyboard Instructions

Walker Smart Box


  • Download file, Filename (update Zip)
  • Save or send to desktop
  • Connect USB Stick to PC
  • Sent file to USB Drive
  • Remove Stick and connect to Walker Smart Box
  • Power up Smart Box
  • Wait for “Firmware updating” box to appear
  • Select – install (update will begin)
  • Click Yes in this box to delete temporary files
  • Remove USB stick